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Your personal selection of your signing agent insures direct contact with your signer and a timely loan closing.  Your documents that have to be forwarded, and then re-forwarded to the notary may dilute the quality of said documents and/or delay your closing and cause much confusion with “too many hands in the pot”!  We’d like to eliminate that and work directly with you for a smoother process of getting your loan signed.  Get it done…ViaKia!!!


  • Marketing directly to Lenders and Title Companies.
  • Obtaining the higher Errors and Omissions insurances needed to meet some lender requirements.
  • Banning together to eliminate middleman signings in our areas.
  • Compliance with national and state requirements, i.e. background checks.

Finding a Notary Directly  is Not Difficult and Is  Your Best Solution!

-You get to choose your notary.

-You are afforded direct contact with your notary throughout your loan signing.

-Reduced Fees because there is no middleman signing agency.

Phone: 909.583.8225, ext 2

Fax: 866.522.3202

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  • Field Inspections
  • Business verification
  • Chases
  • Residential Mortgage/Insurance/Commerical Property Inspections
  • Face-to-Face Interview Reports
  • Site Inspections
  • Property Preservation Inspections
  • Loss Control Inspections
  • Coupon Redemption Inspections
  • Leased Equipment Inspections.




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  • Paralegal Services
  • Transcription
  • Virtual Assistance

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