Test Proctoring

Test Proctoring allows for alternate testing solutions for your students.

  • Individual Proctoring and On-site School Proctoring
  • Assists students who cannot afford to go to the brick and mortar to test where it is convenient for them
  • Insures academic integrity
  • Guarantee ethical conduct of the student during the test period as provided with exam instructions
  • Affords students at various locations test taking opportunities
  • Request and receive tests when requested by student or agency
  • Receive and check all materials according to instructions and prior to administering tests
  • Return of completed exams and electronic or paper retention until grade receipt.

Online Education is expanding to meet the needs of our ever changing world and how we “do” education.  The logistics of proctored exams can prove challenging for remote students not located at or near the “brick ‘n mortar” school site.                      SmarterProctoring

  • Alternate Testing Sites
  • Alternate Testing Solutions
  • Mobile Testing
  • Tutoring

Students and young adults today are provided with alternatives to schooling that help them meet the challenges of our ever changing world, their diverse lifestyles and flexibility in line with today’s society.  Refined in Motion with its Test Proctoring services helps bridge the gaps in temporal logistics of “being there”, by providing remote services such as tutoring and test proctoring.

We support the alternatives to schooling and learning.  Alternatives to learning, teaching and tradition are here and will continue to evolve and evoke creative new ways of accomplishing the intended goals for our young people.

  • We work with virtual schools
  • Individuals doing Home Schooling
  • One on one test proctoring
  • Group rate proctoring
  • Tutoring and exam prep
  • Background screened and public fiduciary (notary)

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